National Dahlia Society of New Zealand

Blue Bayou Precocious Annamari Oreti Rebel Claire de Lune

North Island National Show 2020

Giant Decorative
Aggie White
K and D Shirley
Large Decorative
Vera's Elma
K and D Shirley
Medium Decorative
Oreti Megan
K and D Shirley
Small Decorative
Ryecroft Brenda T
B Mackenzie
Miniature Decorative
Acacia Kylie
A Hyde
Large Cactus
Kenora Jubilee
J Chappell
Small Cactus
L Neilson
Miniature Cactus/Semi Cactus
Tui Avis
B McKenzie
Large Semi Cactus
Hamari Accord
B McKenzie
Small Semi Cactus
Ruskin Andrea
L Neilson
Giant Fimbriated
Show N Tell
A Hyde
Medium Fimbriated
Kaka Lindi Lou
A Martin
Small Fimbriated
Kotare Gay
P Burrell
Small Ball
Kea Julie
K and D Shirley
Miniature Ball
Joal Harper
K and D Shirley
Bumble Rumble
L Brown
Fern Irene
K and D Shirley
Irish Glow
L Neilson
Acacia Ice
G and B Andrew

Champion of Champions  Joal Harper   K and D Shirley

Champion Bloom  Aggie White;   K and D Shirley

Champion Vase Open  Joal Harper   K and D Shirley

Champion Bloom Novice Hillcrest Candy   David Barrie

Champion Vase Novice  Desert Lodge   David Barrie

1st Time Exhibitor  Trengrove Millennium   Anne Glover

Best Vase of Five  Acacia Flame   G and B Andrews