National Dahlia Society of New Zealand

Blue Bayou Precocious Annamari Oreti Rebel Claire de Lune

National Dahlia Society South Island National 2020

Giant Decorative
Aggie White.
M Papps
Large Decorative
Elma Elizabeth
P and M McLaughlin
Medium Decorative
Dikara Jodie
G and B Andrew
Small Decorative
Ryecroft Brenda T
J and R Casey
Miniature Decorative
W and J Jack
Large Cactus
Clearview Sundance
P and M McLaughlin
Medium Cactus
P and M McLaughlin
Small Cactus
J and J Cuthbertson
Miniature Cactus Semi Cactus
Aitara Cloud
J and R Casey
Giant Semi Cactus
Janal Amy
G and B Andrew
Large Semi Cactus
Light Accord
W and D Burgss
Medium Semi Cactus
Val's Candybr> J and R Casey
SmallSemi Cactus
Ruskin Andrea
J and R Casey
Large Fimbrated
Cyril Higgo
J Read
Medium Fimbrated
Laura Christine
E Fenton
Small Fimbriated
Kaiwera Gold
J and J Cuthbertson
Acacia Edna
G and B Andrew
Irish Glow
J and J Cuthbertson
Large Pompone
M S Kennedy
J and J Cuthbertson
Miniature Ball
W and D Burgess
Fern Irene
W and K Jack
Any Other Dahlia
A 1913
G and B Andrew
Potted Dahlia
G and B Andrew
Acacia Ice
G and B Andrew

Champion of Champions   Ruskin Andrew   J and R Casey

Champion Bloom Open  Light Accord   W Burgess

Champion Vase Open  Ruskin Andrea   J and R Casey

Champion Vase Intermediate  Blyton Romance   A Brown

Champion Bloom Intermediate  Aggie White   M Papps

Champion Bloom Novice  Show n Tell   J and P Williams

Champion Vase Novice  Amy Cave   J and P Williams

First Time Exhibitor   Lady Linda   Wally Hayman

Best Vase of 5   Mary's Joamnda   W and D Burgess

Top Table